ISI marked (IS 458:03

RCC Pipes

  • NP-2
  • NP-3
  • NP-4

Product We offer is RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) pipes that are used for Water Supply Schemes, Drainage Works, Culverts, Sewer, Road, Highway and Irrigation . RCC Pipe or Spun Pipes are available in 3 classes, normally NP2, NP3, Np4 are manufactured using Spinning Process and Vibro-Casting Process (which is most advanced and computerized system.) RCC Pipes (Hume pipes) manufacturing in India entirely depends on the construction market, which has been booming for last two decades due to enormous growth in

HDPE Lined RCC Pipes

  • NP-3
  • NP-4

HDPE-HDPE(high density polyethylene) lined pipes is made by providing the T-grip liner on the inner surface of the RCC pipe. HDPE Pipes have a smooth internal surface with spiral profiled outer surface. HDPE liner gives high Excellent resistance to a broad range of highly corrosive chemicals, gases such as hydrogen sulphide, acids, alkalis, and highly offensive salts and durability of life time to the RCC pipe.HDPE Lined RCC Pipes are generally used for sanitary sewer and gravity piping system. Liner provides additional resistance against chemicals. Our entire range of pipes is widely demanded in sewage drainage systems and water supply piping systems. The HDPE Lined RCC Pipes are accessible in the market place in a variety of Diameters and dimensions to meet with the requirements of our wide and respected client base.

Sizes We Offer:-

S.No Diameter Class Length
1. 150mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.00Mtr.
2. 250mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.00Mtr.
3. 275mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.00Mtr.
4. 300mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
5. 340mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
6. 400mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
7.500mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
8. 600mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
9. 700mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
10. 800mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
11. 900mm Np2/Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
12. 1000mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
13. 1200mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
14. 1400mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
15. 1600mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
16. 1800mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
17. 2000mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
18. 2200mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.
19. 2400mm Np3/Np4 2.5Mtr.